Sunday, June 3, 2007

that brick wall at the end of the road

death. that'll get you thinking. i really want to live the life i want to live. i'm taking the slowly but surely road still though because the fast track has been a failure for me in the past. i'm really stuck on this lifestyle change thing, and not just for a few years but for the rest of my life.

anyway, my eating was off but is now back on track. lost 2.6 pounds this week after gaining 2 over the past 2 weeks. so, down .6 in the past three weeks. i'm glad i pulled it back together. i'm thinking more and more about adding an exercise routine. although all that thinking hasn't led to exercise yet, but i know it will. i am out a lot more than i was 6 months ago. i have at least two evenings a week when i do something and get out of the house on the weekends. i was just sitting around all the time before so even though i'm not exercising yet, i'm moving more and having more of a life and eating less.