Friday, May 15, 2009

Welllll, what can I say?

You don't exercise, you eat way too's no mystery what happens next. I gained .6 pounds this week. Ugh. Obviously I'm not surprised and, truth be told, I'm just thankful it's not more. I'm all ready to start hitting the gym again. I was feeling so good before rash week/s sidelined me. I want that feeling back. We've got doctor appointments this afternoon so I'm plotting an evening trip to the gym. Friday evening gym visits are the best, it's usually pretty empty. Sunday mornings are good too. So are Saturdays. Alright, no excuses.

I don't have to worry too much about my eating. I'm learning more and more that when I exercise the eating part comes easier. It's probably a stress thing. I exercise and the stress gets burned away with the calories. No exercise and the stress gets taken in with the calories in the form of food. It's funny, I don't go around feeling stressed but I'm pretty sure that is what's happening. Either that or I exercise and can't stand ruining my hard work by overeating. Ah, like most things, it's probably a combination of things. All I know is exercise = better eating.

And of course I'm feeling super fat these days. That just adds to the lack of inertia. What a trio, feeling fat, overeating and no exercise. If that's not a recipe for gaining weight I don't know what is. Gotta intervene. Exercise it is!

On the baby front - Marek is doing well. I'm still breastfeeding, something I'm very proud of because it's been a challenge. He's growing and changing so much! The biggest things are smiling and "talking". I took some video. Here we are chatting it up. Enjoy!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day should be Mother's Weekend.

Where is the time? I can't believe it's been over a week since my last post. It was a pretty busy week though. First and most upsetting was I was struck with two rashes. TWO! I'll try to make this brief. First rash started and I believed I had some awful contagious disease and Marek was going to get it and I was going to have to kill myself due to the guilt. I went to see my doc who referred me to a dermatologist. Turns out it was an allergic reaction to a mango. Who knew? Second rash was due to my not knowing how to properly deal with my milk jugs. I'll spare you the details. All in all, I'm the new queen of the creams. The good news is both conditions are clearing up nicely. The downside is that I was sidelined as a result, didn't exercise at all last week.

On to some good news. I went to my WW meeting this past Friday and am happy to report I LOST A POUND!! Yippee!! It always feels good to lose some weight. After this past weekend, I'm going to have to re-focus if I want to keep it off.

But first, on Friday afternoon we headed out for a hike. I recently heard about a trail I'd never been on so we decided to explore it, the Terra Linda/Sleepy Hollow Divide Open Space Preserve (north section). The trails were very nice, not too steep, not too flat and with beautiful views. The only downside is there could have been a bit more shade, though Miguel did a good job of keeping Marek shaded. We'll definitely return here on a cooler day. Lots of trails we did not get to explore. Some pictures from our 45 minute hike...

I have so few pictures of Marek and I together. I'm always behind the camera. So after a post-hike diaper change I plopped down for a picture with my little man!!

After the hike we went into town and had burgers at The Broken Drum in San Rafael. And after that we hit up Cold Stone Creamery where I had a small mint ice cream with Oreo bits. I know, it's just not right to be describing burgers and ice cream on a fitness blog...but in real life we can eat those things AND lose weight :) All in moderation...and coupled with some exercise. Anyway, Friday was just one of those days, perfect.

What did I do for my very first Mother's Day? Well, my mother treated us to a night at a local country club resort in Napa!! We checked in on Saturday afternoon (Miguel went ahead early Saturday morning to get in 18 holes) - my mom had brought all sorts of yummy snacks in which I promptly indulged - bread, salami, cheese, mayo, cookies, chocolate...on and on. Enough about food. Before dinner Marek got a bath. The bathroom sink made a perfect bathtub!

...and was all clean to head to the restaurant!

We went out to dinner and I had some yummy salmon, mashed potatoes, etc.

On Sunday morning grandma got some baby time...

...and then we hit the brunch. I again ate a ton...bacon, eggs, waffle, butter, croissants, butter, potatoes, butter...Are you seeing a pattern? Yeah, lots of friggin' butter! But it was yummers. After brunch mom and I went to the spa to chill while Miguel chilled with Marek in the room. The spa facilities were niiiice. I didn't get any treatments, just laying in the sun with music and a magazine, and a little champagne!, made me happy enough.

Now that I have a baby I often find myself asking, "Why didn't I do this more often before"? I am comforted to know my life is no longer a wasteland of couch and TV time. That's one of the best things about health and fitness, life is no longer passing me by! Thank you Mom for a wonderful weekend!!

I indulged a bit too much in that lovely sunshine and now have a bit of a burn on my chest and back. That, together with my not quite completely healed rash(es) is making me hesitant to go to the gym. Rash + Sunburn makes sweating no fun. I have another busy week ahead, lots of doctor appointments. I'm going to focus on healthy eating and try to get in some gym time later this week. Let's hope I can hold on to that 1 pound loss!!