Friday, June 21, 2013

Disneyland Fog

I need a full hour to do this post justice, but I don't have an hour, so here's the Reader's Digest version.  Some of you are likely breathing a sigh of relief that you won't get a standard, pages-long post from me today.  Let's start where my last post left off...

Friday:  Went to the gym, last day of my recovery week.  Biked for 15 minutes, level 5.  Legs/shoulders/core for strength training.  Back hurt WAY too much to do jump squats so I did regular squats instead.  Burned 352 calories in 1 hour.

Saturday:  Packed the car for...DISNEYLAND!!  Drove to a surprise birthday for my mom.  Had a grilled fish sandwich and a salad.  And, of course, a huge piece of chocolate cake.  Drove to Disneyland, 7 hours in the car with the kids.  Stopped at Ihop for dinner, had a bowl of oatmeal and bites of the kids' and Miguel's food.

Sunday:  Up early at my aunt and uncles.  Had coffee and a chocolate croissant (it's not normally like me to eat food under a sense of obligation but this time I did, they baked the croissants for us and I felt like I couldn't say no).  Off to Disneyland and California Adventure (D/CA from now on).  Spent the day taking in the park - the kids and us had so much fun!

 We stayed the rest of the trip at the Grand California Hotel, which is right in the park and superb.  I was determined to exercise every day so I went to the hotel gym during Myra's afternoon nap.  I ran for 15 minutes and then biked for 10.  Did as much of my back/biceps/core work as I could given the limits of a hotel gym.  Ate way too much food all day.  Stayed up until midnight.

Monday:  Up at 5am to get into the park by 7am.  Rode tons of rides including the Radiator Springs in Cars Land.  The kids had a blast.  Then hit the pool and Myra napped on a lounge chair.  This is when I should have gone to the gym but my determination had been weakened by walking around for 1,500 hours.  Rest was needed.  Rode rides, had fun, and again, ate way too much food.  Had fried chicken for dinner even.  Followed by massive volumes of ice cream.

Tuesday:  Slept late, until 8am.  Breakfast with Mickey and friends.  Ate enough food at the breakfast buffet to keep me full almost all day.  Probably at least a cup of syrup when all was said and done.  And WAY too many breakfast sausages.  It was all tasty.  Back to D/CA for more adventuring.  We took in the Jedi Training Academy and much to my EXTREME delight Marek was picked to participate.  Here is my young Padowan battling Darth Vader. One of my proudest moments as a parent so far. I was so excited for him I didn't stop shaking for an hour. I'm sure he'll be talking about this for a long time and assured me he'll remember this "forever and ever and ever!".  As will I.

Had a lovely dinner of prime rib, mashed potatoes, asparagus, bread/butter.  Ate way too much food all day again.  What can you do, it's Disneyland.  Again skipped the gym.  My body wouldn't hear of it.  In bed after midnight.

Wednesday:  Up at 5am to drive home as I had to be back by 2pm.  Stopped at In-n-Out for burgers and fries for lunch.  Made a tactical error and ordered cheese on my burger by mistake.  The strawberry shake was not by mistake, however.  Decided it was still vacation food so it was ok.  Got home and quickly changed for some office time.  Then home and dinner and Oreo's (still vacation, right?) and bed.  

Thursday:  Up and back to work.  VACATION EATING IS OVER.  Start my period.  Oh joy. Ate well all day, hit the gym after work.  Decided I needed another recovery week because my body felt like it had been hit by a mac truck.  I think it was all the walking, the lack of sleep, and possibly some of the roller coasters bouncing me around.  Not to mention the tea cups.  Hit the gym for 15 minutes on the bike, level 5, followed by a 10 minute interval run (6.5 - 7.5mph).  In bed by 11pm.  Evening eating was a bit snacky but all "good" choices.

Today:  Morning scale time.  145.6 pounds.  Ouch!  But no surprise there, ate tons of crap in D/CA and it's TTOTM.  Back to my routine.  If within two weeks I'm not under goal I'm going to start tracking.  Should I post this weight on my log or take a Disneyland pass??  Up early and off to work.  Eating is good so far.  Plan to hit the gym after work for one more recovery day.  Will rest up tomorrow and then start into my "normal" (i.e. non-recovery) workout Sunday.  Still not sure what I'll do, hopefully a bike ride if the weather holds.  It's actually supposed to turn ugly this weekend.

Summary - Disneyland and California Adventure are tons of fun!  Tons!!  And...I'm exhausted.  My brain is under what I'm calling a Disneyland fog.  Let's hope it clears out over the weekend.