Saturday, October 4, 2014

Not Sick

I'm not sick. These days that feels like big news. But I did wake up with a slight sore throat this morning. If I only get a week or so of not being sick and get sick again - oh boy, I can't even think about that. The bottom line is, my immune system seems to be dead. And I know why, stress and poor self care. The latter being mostly that I'm not getting enough sleep.

I've been doing ok great in the exercise department. I went to the gym three times last week, including a really nice outdoor run that had me leaping up a tall hill like Superwoman, and might go for a run later today. The gym has been hard but good. My muscles are not what they were but I have time to work on that.

Eating has been hit-or-miss. The late night snacking behavior has improved. Now it's on to the birthday party, happy hour, social life eating. That needs some work.

I got on the scale yesterday morning and I was 150.something pounds. In the past that might have sent me into a state of panic and then denial. Not now. Now I know, I am confident, I can and will deal with this. And soon. In fact, I am dealing with it. And the good news is, I feel much better than I did a couple weeks ago. My mood, motivation, is better. Just as long as I don't get sick again. Might have to go on leave for a while if that happens. 

Anyway, this is just a bit of a check in post. Still not sure what's happening with the SF Half Marathon but it's not looking very likely. I haven't run since that 6-miler I did a couple weeks back. I mean, I've run - short gym runs, treadmill runs - in the 2 to 3 mile range, just no long runs.

Ok, that's it from me for right now. Hope all of you that are fighting the good fight keep going. Remember, the first thing is to not give up. Ever.