Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Don't Be A Stranger

I was thinking today about how I haven't blogged in over a week.  I don't have a good answer as to why, I think I just needed a break.  Then I remembered last week was Spring Break for a lot of our local schools so I decided it was my spring break too.  But it's over, and time to get back to it.  I think the pneumonia, and then the half-marathon - it just took a little of the wind out of my sails.  And then the phrase don't be a stranger popped into my head and I decided I needed to write a post tonight.

Last week on Wednesday I went to the beach with some mom friends and the kids.  It was the second time I put on a swimsuit since getting to goal.  It feels so good to get dressed for the beach without worrying about what I look like.  Here's a picture of me in the suit, taken before I went to a friend's house for a pool outing a couple weeks ago.

So I won't bore you to tears with my gym log since the half but here's a summary.  I didn't exercise for a few days after the half.   I finally made it to the gym on Friday feeling fired up.  I hopped on the treadmill expecting to bang out a good 25 minute run.  Instead, running was difficult.  Every minute felt like a struggle and in the end I ran 1.5 miles in 14:28.  Glad that was over I hit the weights for legs/shoulders/core. 

This was the first time I would do my full strength training workout since before the pneumonia.  I was worried the workout would be tough and was happy when things went well, my body willing and able to go through my routine. But in the days after, my legs let me know it wouldn't be that easy to snap back to it.  They weren't yet sore on Saturday morning when I took the kids to a bird preserve and we hiked up a hill to see Egrets.

Out with my little explorer.
We had a nice picnic and then got to explore some ponds before heading home.  By afternoon my legs started hurting and come Sunday I was pretty sure running was a bad idea.  So I made my way to the Y pool and swam for maybe 30 minutes before spending some time in the hot tub.  Monday my legs were still sore and I was swamped at work so I talked myself into skipping the gym.  Tuesday I had plans to go after work but my afternoon plans didn't go as, well, they didn't go as planned so I ended up missing the gym yet again. 

That brings us to today, Wednesday.  I've been eating more than I need (and too much processed junk) and between that, the lack of exercise, life stress (don't worry I'm having a little fun too but even fun things happening can be stressful) - it just made me feel like I had to get to the gym today.  I tried to get a babysitter and go this afternoon but it didn't happen so I ended up going after dinner. 

I made a plan to run to the gym, do back/biceps/core, and then run home.  I wore my Garmin but tried not to look at it.  The run turned out to be 2.59 miles and I ran it in 24 minutes and some-odd seconds.  I was happy with that, a 9:18 pace.  Hard to believe I was pounding out 5-milers in less than 9 minutes per mile but I have to be patient and know I'll get back to that.  I did my strength training and everything went well except my last exercise - assisted pullups.  They were SO hard!  I could barely do them.  I did 2 sets instead of 3 and didn't even do my full reps.  It was a bit disheartening I'll admit.

And while I was exercising I decided it was a bad idea to run home.  Besides the half I've only been running 1.5 miles on the treadmill.  I want to exercise tomorrow and Friday so pushing myself today is not a good idea.  Glen was working the front desk so I asked him for a ride home (the gym was closing so he was done).  Perfect!  And the funny thing is, we found out we live literally within a few blocks of each other.  Anyway, I'm tired so I'm off to bed.  Sorry for the crickets on my blog the last 11 or so days.  I plan to get back to my regular schedule now.  And I plan to stop eating like there's no tomorrow.  My weight has been fine but I know that won't last if I keep this up.