Sunday, February 7, 2016

9 Miles and Skiing in Lake Tahoe

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Whew! I've had quite the weekend so far. I finally got moving yesterday, after a very relaxing, slow morning. Something clicked in my brain and I decided it was time to run. 9 miles, here we go! M and I are training for the Rock 'n' Roll half coming up in April. He wanted to do 6 miles, "I think 6 miles at elevation is the same as 9." 

"Okay," is all he got from me. We started running, I was determined to run at a pace I called comfortable. When you're running more than you've run in months, at elevation, you take it easy. M was waiting for me at the 3 mile point (he runs a bit faster than me for the moment), thinking we'd turn around. I let him know I'm going for the whole 9 miles. The training plan calls for 10 miles next weekend so why short this run? He went for it, and kept running. One fun thing was the turnaround point was at the CA/Nevada state line. I ran to another state! Here's our route.

I was very pleased when I finished with an average 11:06 minute miles. There was a pretty sizeable hill halfway through mile 3. Plus there's less oxygen in the air. I'm happy with 11:06. Heck, I'm thrilled!

But holy cow, I was wiped out! And starving. I had a brown rice cake with hummus for a snack and then held out until dinner.

Dinner was a bit of indulgence. I had cheese and crackers for an appetizer. And a martini. Then grilled salmon, a tomato/mozzarella salad with evoo and vineger, tomato leek soup, roasted broccolini and a bit of wine...before getting into the ice cream. Yeah, indulgent.

Today we had a plan to hit the slopes and after some lollygaggin', we finally got out the door. What a day! The weather was as good as it gets, the snow was fluffy, and my skiing was totally adequate. But I had to rest now and then because my quads were burning.

I wore my Garmin, which was fun.

After our last run we hit the pub in time for the Super Bowl halftime show. And martinis, chicken wings and chili cheese fries. I loved the show! Wish I coulda danced.

Another indulgent meal. But with all the running and skiing, hopefully it will balance out. Ok, that's all from me. It's off to watch a movie, during which I will probably fall asleep.