Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Scale Beckons...

So much for staying off the scale for a month! I shoulda known I'd never make it. So a few days ago I noticed that my ankles looked less like a continuation of my calf and a bit like ankles again. That got me to thinking maybe I've lost some of this water weight. That got me to thinking about the scale and next thing ya know...181.2 and 38.5% body fat. So, with a pre-pregnancy weight of 164.8 and a current weight of 181.2 that puts me at -16.4 pounds from my "official" pre-pregnancy weight, and 22.4 pounds from my low of 158.8 pounds. I'll take it!

So the next question is when should I return to Weight Watchers? My plan is to start to meetings and learn the new Momentum program but not put any pressure on myself to actually follow the plan. I'm just going to go to meetings and see what develops naturally. Maybe I won't start following the plan for a few weeks, maybe I'll be inspired and start right away, maybe I'll make incremental changes and sort of slowly start following the plan. I don't know, but I know the only expectation I want in the beginning is to go to meetings. This method worked really well for me when I initially started WW back in February '07. Wow, it's been over two years since I started WW.

I looked up the meetings and my old meeting is gone :( The only one at that location is a 9:30am weekday meeting. 9:30am?! Hmph. Not gonna happen. The only other evening meeting nearby is at a location where the meetings are big. I don't like big meetings, too impersonal. But I guess if I have to choose between 9:30am and big/impersonal it'll be big/impersonal.

I'm going to the doctor on Friday for my postpartum checkup. I suppose this is a good place to get an opinion as to when to start back. The docs there are of varying fitness levels, and this is just based purely on my observing body size, which I know is wrong. On Friday I'm seeing the super-skinny one who wears chic clothing and high heels. I'm guessing she'll tell me to start back right away :) Assumptions are fun aren't they?

Well, looking back over my pregnancy weight gain I am pleased with how things went. In a lot of ways I could have done better, mostly with maintaining a better activity level. The exercise quickly became nearly non-existant. The food was hit and miss. I went through phases with the eating, sometimes out of control, sometimes not. After a while the novelty of eating sort of wore off and in the last trimester I didn't gain as much.

I am more enthusiastic about getting back into shape now that I have a little guy to keep up with. I want to be able to have fun with him and go on adventures and not be held back by being out of shape. I want a hike to be fun and easy, not a challenge. Anyway, he's inspiring me.

Well, it's taken me three days to complete this post. Welcome to my new life I guess, eh? I'll close with a new pic of my little guy :) How sweet is he??!