Monday, July 20, 2015

Beach Body Sunday

Who doesn't love weekends?! This was a good one, a nice balance of mommy, friend and me time. I'm starting with a picture of the snack I packed the other day. I've been trying to remember to take more pictures of my food to give you a better idea of how I eat.

sliced cucumber, string cheese and agua
Doesn't that look healthy? Sometimes while I'm packing my snack it seems kind of blah, but later in the day when I'm hungry it tastes like the best thing ever!

Anyway, so Friday the kids had an after-school party and I had most of the evening to myself. I went to a support group meeting and then some of those folks were going out to dinner after so I joined them. We went to this new place called Veggie Grill, so yummy! I had a veggie burger (hold the mayo, pesto sauce on the side) with a bowl of tomato soup (made w/ almond milk).

Saturday the kids went to a birthday party with their dad, which was kind of unexpected so I didn't have a plan for how to use the time. It was super-hot out so I decided to do a trail run in an area that's generally a bit cooler and with some shade. I ran for about an hour, roughly 5 miles, and felt so flippin' pleased with myself when I was done!

Happy post-run smile!
After the run I went to the gym and lifted a few weights. After a shower and change I joined up at the party and even danced a bit! I forgot how hard dancing can be, I was totally sweating!

Heart's Desire Beach in Tomales Bay
Up and at 'em Sunday, I took the kids to...the beach! The beach is such a strong reinforcement for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Nothing compares to going to the beach (or pool), where you can either comfortably put on a bathing suit and dive in, or sit on the sidelines in shorts and a t-shirt. I found myself watching a couple of the moms who were significantly overweight. Some put on bathing suits and got in, which I love. Others stayed out and when one kid asked his mom to get in the water with him, "I didn't bring my bathing suit."

Of course I can't make any assumptions about how they feel about their bodies, why they did or didn't get in the water, if they want to lose weight or not, etc. All I know is how it used to feel for me at the beach when I was that overweight. I'd have some fun, but I didn't feel as comfortable and at ease as I do now. And I know it had as much to do with not being satisfied with my behavior as my body. 'Cause my body still has all manner of flaws (hello cellulite!) but I feel way better nonetheless. Funny thing, while I'm writing this I'm munching from a bag of tortilla chips on the couch. And that's after the bowl of cereal. Progress, not perfection. Whatever, this pretty much sums it up, right?

After the beach I had a night out with some of my favorite moms. It's been a while since I've connected with them and the evening did not disappoint. We started at a wine bar and then walked to a restaurant. I ordered an appetizer for my entree, blackened prawn tostada, but then munched on all the shared apps, the bread, and, of course, more wine.

Blackened prawn tostada
Fun night out! And today I had a blackened salmon salad for lunch, which was great. I had the dressing on the side and they brought out two thingies of dressing. I could not imagine putting all that on my salad. In the end I hardly used any. I might start saying no dressing because I'm pretty much down to using none. I really enjoy tasting the clean, unadorned flavor of the food and as long as there are some moist ingredients (eg tomatoes, avocado, cucumber), it's not too dry. In this case the tomatoes and the gorgonzola, and the salmon too actually, provided plenty of moisture - and flavor!

Blackened salmon salad with tomatoes, gorgonzola, red onion.
I had planned to go to the gym after work but it didn't happen. Yeah, I've been eating a lot lately so I better want to get my snappy ass moving this week and at least make it to the gym three times. Or two. But three would be better. Ok, it's past my bedtime. Lights out!