Friday, October 12, 2012

Cowboys, Moonshine, Rock-n-Roll and Love

How's that for a title?  It was a jam packed weekend and I will make no attempt to detail it here.  But I'll share pictures and a quick overview (if I can be quick, I'm not so good at that).

We flew out Thursday.  SF to Dallas, check.  Dallas to Aspen...not so fast.  We flew to Aspen but it was too windy to land.  So we flew around in a circles for a bit before returning to Dallas.  It's late, we're tired and we are now traveling with my Aunt, Uncle and two young nieces (the daughter's of my cousin Russ who was getting married).  I made some calls and managed to secure us a car to take us to Aspen.  Four hours and a mountain pass later (with a bit of snow thrown in) we arrived in Basalt in the dead of night.  I was happy to hit the sack.

Friday comes and we decide to go see the Maroon Bells.

Gorgeous, right?

Yep, that's me!
I was planning to go to a local gym after this jaunt but we got back too late.  I had only a half-hour before I had to start getting ready for the Friday night party.  So I threw on my clothes and did the best I could, running the block around the hotel three times, which was probably about a mile, and then doing some shoulder and leg work next to the river.  I found some small boulders to use as weights.  It was fast and fun!  I am a firm believer in something is better than nothing, it was 20 minutes but it was intense.

Next up was the party!  It was at a local tavern and oh boy was it a fun time.  I kept my eating in the sane realm, I think.  I munched on chips and guacamole and other appetizers that were everywhere.  And I had ribs and onion rings for dinner, which I only ate 1/2 of because I was getting too full.  But the bar was open and the drinks flowed.  I ended the night at a local bar listening to cowboy stories.  I've always wanted to go to a rodeo but now I'm really dying to go - wild horse races sound like so much fun!  Ok, here are the only pictures I took that night.

Cutest cowboy of them all!

They played Rocky Mountain High for me!

Love the rodeo buckles!

I had hoped to run 11 miles on Saturday morning, or at least run 2 hours and call it close enough.  But after the wild Friday night outing, it didn't happen.  Though I actually felt pretty good when I woke on Saturday morning, good enough to toy with the idea of a short run.  In the end I decided that would be pushing my luck so instead we just went for a BIG country breakfast and relaxed until the wedding, which started at 2pm.

We were shuttled out to a GORGEOUS ranch outside of Aspen.  There was a cover band playing and I had a drink and danced once or twice.  But it was early so I had to pace myself accordingly.  I had some appetizers and walked around checking out the beautiful property and the wedding decor.  I felt a bit queasy and tired after a while, probably leftover from the night before, but I rallied before the wedding got started.  It was a picture perfect affair, with my cousin and his gorgeous and super sweet new wife getting married under an alter of flowers in a beautiful meadow.  We were all sitting on hay bales, taking in the love.

Russ loves Nikki.
After the ceremony and some dinner (of which I again stayed sane with my eating), the moonshine came out for the toast.

Moonshine - "it will change your life forever" - Don Wood.
I had my share of moonshine but I decided if I was going to last the whole night I'd better step it up a notch - so I had vodka and red bull for the rest of the evening.  And I needed it because this was one hell of a party!  After the early-to-bed crowd departed we danced the night away.  There was a DJ for a bit, and then an incredible band, Emphatic, and then a DJ for as long as I can remember.

The only picture fit for publication!
I made it home safely thanks to some gentlemanly cowboys, we managed to fly out of Aspen the next morning - and eventually back home.  It was great to see my babies again and to be back in my own bed.  But after such a fun weekend my normal 9-to-5 life really looks like it needs some sprucing up.  I'm thinking maybe line dancing lessons?  I miss country music.

I got right back into the swing of things with my exercise routine.  On Monday I went out for a run.  I was in a funk so I just told myself to run until I felt like stopping.  Lo and behold, I felt great!  I ran 8 miles and the only reason I stopped was because I was out of time.  I needed that.  On Tuesday I hit the gym and rode the bike followed by legs/shoulders/core work.  Wednesday was a day off and Thursday was a 3 mile run followed by chest/triceps/core work.  I felt fabulous after that workout.

And today is weigh-in Friday.  145.6 pounds.  What??!!  I'm so shocked I have no comment as of now.

Before I close, here's a final picture of my cousin Russ and his new bride Nikki.  Congratulations you two!