Sunday, December 2, 2012

No Time for a Cold

Almost a week since my last post?  I guess being home with sick Myra threw me off my game.  I stayed home with her Tuesday and had another quick gym visit after dinner.  I ran two miles on the treadmill and then did a modified chest/triceps/core routine (remember, rest/recovery week).  I did ok with the eating that day but in general I feel like I've been a little too carefree in the eating department this week.  It didn't show in my weight on Friday but I think it will catch up with me by next Friday.  At least I have a little wiggle room in that department.

Wednesday I was home with both kids and the weather was funky.  And I started to get sick myself.  By the time we were done with dinner I was exhausted. Too many days cooped up in the house.  Thursday I popped some cold medicine and hit the gym early in the morning because I had a super busy day ahead of me at work.  I did 20 minutes on the bike followed by back/biceps/core for strength training.  It was a nice little workout, despite the slight cold symptoms. 

Friday was another busy day at work but I managed to get to the gym before heading home.  I ran two miles in 18:27 and then did legs/shoulders/core.  That wrapped up my rest/recovery week.  Oh, and I lost weight again this week. I'm down to 141.8 pounds.  I'm not trying to lose weight, I'm just eating the way I've been eating (and then some this week) and seeing where my weight wants to settle.  I haven't been "dieting" in months so I see no reason to change the way I eat.

Saturday was a busy day.  The whole family slept until 9:30am, something that has possibly never happened.  Bunch of early risers around here.  Anyway, I took the kids to playgroup. After playgroup I brought the kids home for lunch.  I made a really good chicken soup with leftover chicken.  Homemade food is always better than processed, and you get more bang for your nutritional buck. 

After lunch I went back out with Marek for some grocery shopping while Myra napped.  It's so easy taking him out by himself.  I marveled at how he actually did almost everything I asked of him.  That's not usually the case when we're at home but at the store he was an angel.  I think it's a treat for him too to be out-and-about with just he and I. 

After the grocery store I took him home and then went out for a couple hours by myself shopping.  It was a day off for exercise.  While I was out Miguel hung Christmas lights, when I got home it was dark and the house looked so sweet.

We were going to get a Christmas tree this morning (Sunday) but instead we spent the morning cleaning up the yard after a big storm last night.  We had a nice day hanging around the house.  In the afternoon I went out for a run.  The weather had cleared and it was just a beautiful time for a run.  I'm not sure how far I ran but I ran for about 35 minutes.  And I ran hard.  I wish I'd had my Garmin on because now I'm really curious how fast/far I went.  Oh well, not super important I guess.  After the run I did some pushups and dips and held a plank for one minute.  That was all I could come up with to do on concrete.

That's all I got.  It's Sunday and I'm ready to get out of the house and away from all this food!  I hope my cold clears up soon, I have another busy week ahead!  No rest for the wicked.  I hope you had a fun weekend and kept yourself busy doing things you enjoy.