Sunday, January 24, 2016

More Tahoe Adventuring

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We're still up in Tahoe, enjoying the weather and also having a lot of fun hanging out with friends. Last night we had a full house of people for a dinner party, so fun! We grilled steaks, roasted veggies and made a salad. And the alcohol - oh boy, it flowed. After dinner we sat down for a raucous round of Cards Against Humanity. There were 9 of us so lots of opportunity for laughter in reaction to the sometimes silly, sometimes dark, sometimes just stupid cards. Eventually the guitars came out and we spent the rest of the night singing and carrying on.

I think I fell asleep around 1am. I drank too much and maybe ate a little too much, but with all that exercise snowshoeing, I imagine I'll be fine. 

Speaking of snowshoeing, a reader, Suzanne, commented yesterday asking me where we were. The trail starts on Silver Pine Drive in Carnelian Bay, CA. Park your car where Silver Pine Avenue dead ends at Carnelian Woods Ave. Here's a close up for help. I hope you can get out there, it's SO fun! And beautiful. Here's a link to the whole map of our hike.

Plus a few more pictures from yesterday's hike.

Me in the wild, snowy outdoors.

Adventure time!
So back to today. We had another lazy morning. Eventually we made breakfast, same power breakfast as yesterday - bacon, eggs, toast, and fruit. Oh, and coffee of course. Lots of coffee.
Today's breakfast
After more lounging we eventually made it out for a short snowshoe walk to the lake. It was less than half-a-mile and mostly flat so nowhere like the trek we made yesterday.

Feeling sporty!

After taking in the scenery we walked to a local restaurant for lunch. I had a green salad, still mostly full from breakfast, and a couple bites of M's burger. People had drinks but I'd had enough for the weekend. Plus I wanted to go to the gym later.

Which we did. After everyone left we went for a quick workout. I ran three miles on the treadmill. It was hard. I think between all the snowshoeing and the altitude, plus not fully recovered from alcohol, and not enough sleep. Less than ideal conditions for a run. But I did it, followed by weight training - legs/shoulders/core. I was so happy we got to the gym. The weekend included A LOT of food and drink, it feels good to wrap it on a positive, healthy note. I'm curious to see what's happened with my weight. It's not super-important to me though, because I know I'm getting increasingly fit every day. 

Thanks for all the comments lately! I so appreciate your support, encouragement and cheers! Ok, that's it from me...night all.