Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Quick Hello

I was just doing something very strange. Reading my own blog. I sent someone the link and it caused me to lose a few minutes reading some of my old entries. Can I inspire myself with my own blog? Ha! Anyway, I started feeling bad about not posting since...November?! So a quick hello, how are ya? I'm hanging in there. As far as weight loss/health go I still have a bandwagon with my name on it somewhere. I have not gained back all the weight I lost and I am thinking a lot about how to get back into it now that I am nearly done breastfeeding #2. I will post more once that happens. For now, a picture of my wee ones.

This is the only picture I can find with all four of us right now, though it's several months old.

These are my two little angels this past Sunday. All dressed up for Easter and Mr. Marek spills water on himself before I can snap a picture. Ahh, toddlers! Marek turned two in March and Myra is nearly 8 months.

Could I love this little girl any more?

These two are a little older. I think I took them around the winter holidays. But I just love them so much I wanted to share anyway.

I just realized something as I was posting these pictures. I may be 40 pounds heavier than I was but I have two little kids to show for it and that's the best excuse I've ever had. It won't hold water forever though..."I just had a baby" only lasts so long as your baby is still a baby ;)