Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Eating is Not the Problem

This morning I was munching away on my breakfast, a slice of white toast with butter, peanut butter and strawberry jelly. I started out with a butter and jelly plan when I realized peanut butter would make it a more filling breakfast, which is why I ended up with all three. Anyway, the thing is, this is a meal I would normally describe as "bad". And don't get me wrong, I'm not about to say it's the healthiest option. What I do want to share is a small revelation I had while eating it.

Before I share my little moment of insight I have to say it's amazing how much self talk goes on in my head in relation to food. What prompted me to tune into those thoughts this morning was my having a new idea, if that didn't happen I probably wouldn't have really taken notice of my self talk. I wonder how much I say to myself, in my head, about food each day? I wonder if every time I eat, or think about eating, of have finished eating if there's some food self talk along with it. Probably. Anyway, what I realized while eating my not so healthy breakfast was this: It's not eating that's the problem, it's OVEReating.

How many times have I watched a thin person eating something "bad" and thought to myself, "How does she stay skinny and eat things like that?". I know it's weight loss 101 but, moderation. She eats a small amount. And she probably doesn't eat those types of food all the time, but even if she does, moderation will temper many a food sin. I feel silly even acting like this is some new idea but I guess it just struck me and helped me understand in a new way.

It's eating season people. I am a believer in eating however you want on big holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas and your birthday. After a while "eating however you want" changes though, right? My overeating these days is nothing like days of past. I can still put away some food, especially when it's an all day affair but still not like in the past. Which is a good thing.

One more thing - I want to add something to my last post. I said, Most of the time the justification for giving in to a craving comes down to some version of "I deserve it". And what I realized in the days following that post, as I paid more attention to my self talk (there it is again), was that just as often my motivation is I want to feel good, I want comfort. I need to ask myself if there are other ways I can get that feeling. Food is so easy but something like a hot bath, a good book, a chat with a good friend - those things feel good and are comforting. I'm going to have to work on this angle as well. This is a regular message in WW but I never really connected to it. Maybe now I will.

I'll close with a family picture taken at the local pumpkin patch before Halloween. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!