Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm a Rambling Gal

Whew!  We had a fun weekend around these parts.  Not.  Well, sort of.  As you might recall I stayed home with Marek on Friday because he was sick.  He didn't actually seem sick but he had thrown up at preschool on Thursday and they have a stay-home policy when that happens.  Saturday we packed the kids up and headed for the beach.  It was a fun family outing which I spent intermittently lounging on a towel watching the kids play and chasing them around the beach.  I loved running after them, or being chased, hearing their squeals of laughter, watching as they tried to glance back at me while running.  They knew I wouldn't go in the water (brrrr) so that's how they escaped my clutches.  So fun.

We drove home and cleaned up but were restless, even after all that fun.  So we packed them up to see a movie.  This would be Myra's first time at the theater and suffice to say, she's not quite ready for the big screen.  But I was managing to keep her somewhat quiet when Miguel took Marek to use the men's room.  Next thing you know I'm getting hailed to bring clothes to the bathroom.  That's never good.  Marek threw up all. over. everything.  So I'm off to Gap to buy him clothes and Myra's giving me a run for my money, bolting every chance she gets.  And then, out of the blue, the saleswoman at Gap tells me, "Great legs!  Amazing, nice work," (I was wearing shorts). Woah - yes, thank you!  You think I ever get tired of this?  No, I don't - 'bout lost track of my kid while I was taking in the compliment.  Anyway, back to the movies to drop off the clothes, but I gave up on taking Myra inside so she and I shopped around until the movie was over - including the purchase of a Subway gift card for the poor soul who had to clean up the vomit that. was. everywhere.

I chased her all over that mall with more squeals of laughter and more than a few near collisions.  You probably know where I'm going with this.  It felt so good to keep up with my munchkins all day.  I can't imagine, can't even begin to imagine what our outings would be like if I still looked (and felt) like this.  I am so grateful for the steps I've taken, for the energy I have, for the work I'm still willing and able to put into maintaining this body - I'm so grateful for it all.  Hallelujah!  And then Saturday night comes.  Miguel went out with friends and Myra is up throughout the night vomiting.  I changed her sheets several times, along with a midnight bath or two.  We finally all got to sleep around 3am I think.  But guess who woke up vomiting at 6am?  Yep, moi.  Ugh, thanks Marek.  We all owe you one buddy.  Fortunately Miguel was there to take over so I got some sleep.

Obviously my 11-mile training run was not happening.  I spent the entire day lying around feeling sick.  And my body was sore too, not sure if that was from being sick or from being in bed too long.  My back especially...wah!  Miguel left for soccer and the kids and I muddled through the afternoon alone.  Sunday night finally came and I happily closed the book on that day.  I woke up yesterday morning (Monday) still feeling nauseous.  But it was manageable so I went about my day, including a doctor appointment to talk about my back.  She said it sounds like typical age-related back pain and gave me a physical therapy referral (and some anti-nausea meds as a stocking stuffer).  Yep, gettin' old.

And then I couldn't fall asleep last night to save my life.  I tossed and turned until I finally gave up and took some Advil PM, or something like that.  I dragged myself through the day today and come the end of the work day felt equal parts wound up (from too much downtime) and exhausted (from not getting enough sleep).  I had a quick debate with myself about going out for a run.

Me:  I'm tired.
Me too:  Being tired is not an excuse.  If you bagged exercise every time you felt tired, you'd miss half your workouts.
Me:  I'll put on my shoes.

I never win when arguing with myself.  Wait, huh?  Oh forget it.  The point is, I got changed and hit the road for a run around my 'hood.  I could have gone to the gym and flown through my routine but after a few days off and with a half-marathon coming up on Saturday, running seemed like the way to go.  And boy did I enjoy myself.  I ran 4.5 miles in 43:05 (9:35 pace), not including a pit-stop in Papa Murphy's to place an order for dinner.  By the time I got home Miguel was home with the kids and the evening took off.  Man, I'm really giving you the blow-by-blow tonight, huh?  Long story short, I've been sick, now I'm feeling better, but I'm in a bind because I should be tapering, but I want to get back on the gym horse...blah, blah, blah.

So, as I said, half-marathon Saturday.

You know I'm doing the half-marathon :)
And check out the forecast:

Should be a lovely day for a little 13.1 mile jaunt.  My right Achilles is still tight, let's hope that doesn't give me any grief.  And this new less-energy-gels plan seems to help my stomach cramps but I'm hoping it doesn't slow me down too much.  Ok, I'm rambling.  It's almost midnight.  I am terrible at going to bed on time!  Wait, really quick - I'm taking the kids on a hike and picnic tomorrow.  I baked some lovely banana bread for the picnic and now the whole house smells scrumptious - how the heck am I supposed to sleep under these conditions?!  And yes I ate a piece.  That is all, goodnight.