Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Stuff!

I love shopping online. First, you get the fun of picking out your stuff. Then, a week or so later you get the fun of having your stuff show up in the mail, like presents! Presents that you paid for, but still, it's fun.

So a while back (I always pick the cheapest shipping!) I ordered some tops from Under Armour. I found one I loved in the store and had to have it in more colors, blue and dark red to be exact. Here they are...

I love them because the sleeves are long enough to cover the icky parts of my upper arms. And the material is the most awesome quick drying cotton-like synthetic. Nice for someone who sweats a lot during cardio.

But to get free shipping I had to spend another $15, so I bought a cute purple shirt that I hoped would have long enough sleeves too. And it did. Maybe I'll post a pic of it when I wear it to the gym.

But that's not all. I found a great sports bra at a Fleet Feet, a running store in San Anselmo. Of course, one can't live with only one sports bra. So I purchased it in green too. Moving Comfort, Melbourne.

Aren't they cute?? Now I can't wait until I'm feeling good enough to head back to the gym, which I have a feeling will be tomorrow. No better way to start the week than hitting the gym in new gym clothes!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

A New Home for my Blog

Up until now I've been blogging at MuscleTank

The problem is, their site goes down sometimes and I'm worried it might go down one day and not come back up. So I copied all my posts here and some pictures too. I want to make sure I don't lose my entries or stats.

It's going around...

A slight cough started on Saturday night. By Sunday night I was coughing a lot and generally sick. I took Monday off. I hobbled in to work on Tuesday for a few hours but felt foggy headed and drained. Wednesday morning I dragged myself to the doctor with 102° fever and serious body aches. The doctor ruled out influenza but diagnosed Bronchitis, possibly Pneumonia, and prescribed some antibiotics. I've been laying around feeling sorry for myself ever since. It's Friday and I'm coming out of it.

By the way, is it ever not going around? Every time you're sick everyone says this. It's pretty much always going around isn't it?

I went to my WW meeting last night. I knew two weeks without a meeting plus being sick might just lead to my falling off the wagon. I'm glad I went. I lost .2 pounds this week. Not surprising given I've not exercised and have not eaten according to plan. I hope to be able to exercise by next week.

I hate being sick. I'm sick of it. I hope everyone else is doing better than I am!