Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Change of Plans

You might not be surprised to hear this but, I'm sick. I got a sore throat on Thanksgiving and that developed into a cold with...wait for it, waiiiiit for it...a cough. Yep. And guess what that means? No surgery. The doctor was worried that given my pneumonia issues this year, I'd be at too much risk of  developing it again post-surgery. So it's off. Possibly to be re-scheduled for next week or possibly next year (as in Jan/Feb). Whatever. I'm over it. I'm over everything.

When to have the surgery leaves things in flux. I do not like flux. I like predictability and routine. I am human, after all. And not a young, spontaneous, come-what-may variety human but an older, more staid variety. I have memories of spontaneity, memories I can't quite remember but wouldn't mind returning to in the future. Or at least that's how I feel today, while quietly engaging in a bit of a tantrum over said change of plans.

I don't have much more to say at the moment. This may go down as my shortest blog post of 2013. Speaking of 2013, it's nearing the end, which means...my birthday is also near. Soon, yours truly will mark having been alive 43 years, entering my 44th. Birthdays are an interesting marker of time, an asterisk on the calendar that causes you to take stock of things. Which I do not wish to do. I do not like flux, and I do not like taking stock. Even the idea of birthday cake is not fun. Oh boy am I wallowing. And in the midst of the holidays. Wallowing and Christmas just don't go well together.

I'd better wrap this up before I say things that will reveal just how imperfect and moody I am. Oh wait, too late for that.

I'll close with a few happy pictures to ward off urges of hara-kiri.

The kidlets with the Christmas tree.
We were at my friend Michelle's house for dinner. The kids had made homemade pizzas and were eating at the table together. I thought the scene was cute and wanted to snap a picture. There were four kids sitting at the table and this is what happened when I got out my camera.

Kidlets hiding under the table.
 Of course they quickly got back into place and insisted I "take another picture, mommy!" I think we've created a crew of diva starlets.