Friday, February 1, 2008


I'm feeling sort of, eh. That's it, just eh. I've been battling a little cold all week. It started Tuesday night, I worked out Wednesday which is good because by Thursday (last night) I was beat. I'm staying home from work today and hoping that by this afternoon I'll have the energy to go to the gym. I'm going to, eat breakfast, watch my Netflix offering, The Kid Stays in the Picture and then see if I can go. I've only gone twice this week so I hope to be able to go today and tomorrow.

On Sunday I'm going on a Wine Hike. From the description: "There's a 5,000-acre classic oak woodland bordering the Valley of the Moon. It is vast and largely undeveloped, a place that can make you feel as if you're in the back country. We'll haul our packs along a classic loop that comprises much of Annadel State Park's best features, including forested canyons and uncompromising views. After the hike we'll toast our day when we sample fine wines and picnic among the lush lavender gardens of Matanzas Creek Winery, located 20 minutes away around Sonoma Mountain." Doesn't that sound like fun?? I am a member of a great activity group and this is the kind of fabulous thing I get to do with them.

This is why I want to be in shape. I wouldn't have done this a year ago. So even though I'm feeling all Eh today I just got a little emotional lift by telling you about my Sunday plans.

Oh, I almost forgot. I lost .4 pounds this week. Not much but better than nothin', or a gain! I don't know why I didn't lose more but it's okay, I'll survive. One thing is I know I'm building muscle now that I'm weight training so even if it doesn't come off this week I know I'm making an investment in future weight loss. It'll come off eventually. That reminds me, I have to make my menu for the next two weeks too. I got a new cookbook, Cooking Light's Superfast Suppers. Looks good, I'm going to make at least one thing from it this week.

Alright, off to watch my movie. Hope everyone that reads this is having a better Friday, heck, a better week, than I am. I'll be back next week with new resolve and fight I'm sure!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Groove

I think I've found my groove. I like going to the gym four days a week. I'm on a Mon, Wed, Fri (plus whatever other day works) as a plan. I do the Couch-to-5K plan on those days and the fourth day I do other cardio. I always do 45 minutes total of cardio. Five days left me too tired and I think I'd build up resentments about the gym that I don't seem to get going four days a week. Since my plan is all about maintenance I'm focused on discovering what will work for me in the long term. If it slows my weight loss a bit that's okay, it's not worth an extra 1/2 pound a week to push myself too hard and then relapse altogether. I do want to put more focus on my other goal of one "fun" physical activity per week, like a hike or bike ride or indoor rock climbing or whatever. Doing those things are a big payoff for me, a big part of why I want to get in shape; it's a big reinforcer to keep doing what I'm doing.

So, I'm wearing a size 12 today! They are a pair of Eddie Bauer khakis I got for 9 bucks a couple weeks ago. They are a tad snug but at least this is post-washing so I don't have to worry about too much shrinkage. I have them with a blue striped button down shirt with a larger striped sweater over it. I just took a picture of myself with my cell phone and I'm going to post it here so you can all see the top. It's so fun dressing more adventurously! I never would have layered like this before. Okay, here's the picture:

Yesterday I did 10 minutes elliptical followed by the Couch-to-5k Week 1 (again) followed by 15 minutes on the upright bike. I burned around 550 calories. Shin splints made an ugly return and I hate them!!! I then did weight training, lower body, and since I'm still recovering from the dancing the squats and lunges almost killed me! But I got through them and felt strong as a result. I can do it!! Crunches are getting easier but I'm not yet ready to add another set. One set of 25 regular and one set of 26 obliques is fine for now.

Well, I'm having a great week! Hope everyone else is too.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Boogie, woogie, woogie

Dancing was a blast! I danced until the wee hours of the morning (got home around 3am!) and who knows how many calories I burned. I wasn't geeky enough to wear my heart monitor and watch but I'm sure it was a ton of calories. I drank three drinks in total, one vodka soda and two vodka tonics. I was needing something sweeter as vodka sodas are a bit on the harsh side with cheap vodka, which is what I was drinking. Anyway, I was able to do a lot more moves that involved using my leg muscles. Don't ask

Of course I spent Sunday recovering and wasn't able to go to the gym as planned. I watched a documentary on crossword puzzlers, Wordplay, perfect for a rainy Sunday at home and my favorite kind of slice-of-life doc. I actually didn't eat much as I was mostly thirsty all day, ended the day with points left (oh no!). I've got lower body weight training today and I know my legs will be hurting because I still feel the pain from dancing.

I've got a Gap shirt on that I bought ages ago (maybe 2 years?) and hasn't fit me until now. It really is surreal getting so much smaller. I pointed out to Miguel that I weigh less now than when I met him and that he's never seen me this small. He's certainly getting more affectionate, or maybe I am? Who knows, it's all good is all I know