Friday, June 13, 2014

The Cavalier and the Lost Art of Napping

I got my laptop back today. I hope this means I won't soon be going 10 days without blogging again. Hi, I'm back!

First off, I have to tell you about a great dining experience I had recently. I was planning dinner with a friend and we had some catching up to do. I wanted the perfect location so I contacted the man I knew would know, Michael Bauer. He said if I could get the corner booth at The Cavalier I'd be set. He wasn't wrong. The restaurant opened a little less than a year ago and they're already finely tuned. The staff and service were perfectly attentive and, just as important, knowingly inattentive when that made sense too. The drinks and wine were great and the food...dressed up SF versions of English pub

Obviously I loved it. If you're in the bay area don't miss it and if you're visiting definitely put it on your list. I've got some pictures to share...

Vodka Lillet, cointreau, lemon, grapefruit, absinthe
Booze amuse

Quail Eggs Mayonnaise
Lamb Scrumpets with pickled mint and chile sauce
Beef dripping chips (you will die they are that good)

Mushroom pie...this was incredible
I can't wait to go back and try the fish and chips. In years past a night out like this would have meant overeating and probably waking up with regret. But now, I truly taste my food, enjoy it, and eat an amount that leaves me feeling good. We ordered dessert but when it came I had only one bite. It was a very tasty bite, but I was too full to really enjoy any more of it. What a change.

Ok...enough about food and drink. It would be too much to try and catch up on my workouts in the last week so I'll just hit the highlights.

I ran 5 miles this past Sunday and loved every step.

I made it to the gym 4 times last week for the first time since surgery.

Those are highlights from last week. This week hasn't been as stellar. I've only been to the gym twice thus far. I missed Monday due to needing to catch up on some work.

Tuesday I went and did 25 minutes on the upright bike followed by legs/shoulders/core. I went yesterday but didn't have much time, only 40 minutes. So I ran for 5 minutes, lifted weights, ran for an intense 5 minutes, 1 min at 6.0mph and then four minutes at 7.0mph! Thought I was going to die in those last 30 seconds but I played the mental game and won. Then I lifted more weights and did some core work. I didn't have time to do my whole routine but that was a whole lot of something that's better than nothing.

Today after work I was feeling drained. It's been a rough week for me emotionally and psychologically, just a lot going on in my internal world...and I think it caught up with me today. I felt so tired. So I decided to skip the gym and take a nap. Yep, that's what I did. I think I really needed it.

My eating is coming along. Still not ideal but getting marginally better a little bit every day. Tomorrow it's back to it with a gym visit planned for the afternoon. Marek is graduating from pre-school tomorrow so that will take up the rest of the day's energy. My little guy will be starting kindergarten in the fall. Eek!