Thursday, August 13, 2009

All Talk, No Action

Oh how I wish I could write a lovely blog about just how lovely everything is. Not tonight unfortunately. But I have been successful at something, I have successfully avoided the gym for this entire week. Too bad that's not my goal. I have my regular list of excuses - work related stress, new baby, etc, etc.

I'll take a moment to tell you a bit. The main thing is that I have been given layoff notice at work. Yep, laid off again. Our program has lost funding and is closing. I have secured a new job, a part-time job no less, so that's good. My last day of work at the old job is at the end of August, then a week off to adjust, then the new job starts. I'm actually feeling alright about this. At least I won't be under any pressure to return to full time work. Besides the pressure from the bank that holds my mortgage, that is.

The new baby excuse remains alive and well. What can I say, it's a good one. Not quite as good as pregnancy as far as excuses go, but I'll take it. Marek is doing well. The most shocking thing is he has teeth! Can you believe it? My newborn, wee little one has teeth! Oh man, it's all happening so fast. Pictures will have to come later, I've not snapped one of his little chompers yet.

So my tri is just around the corner, as in two days from now. I'll just be hoping to finish is all. I have no doubt that I will, barring any unusual physical calamities. I better finish, people keep asking me if I'm training and I keep saying, "ah, it's only a sprint," as I wave my hand dismissively toward the floor. Ha! Like I run around doing olys and 70.3s all the time and a little ol' sprint ain't nothin'. Riiight. I'll be letting you know how that turns out, rest assured.

I haven't been going to meetings either. I really need to find one I like. With my new work schedule there's no reason I can't commit to a mid-week meeting. Now just to find one and actually go. Right now my health routine can be summed up with the title of this post. Healthy eating and fitness is all so much easier when motivation is in high gear.

Well, I hope I have not been too depressing on the eve of a lovely weekend. Please do stop by in the future as I promise to some day be back to my more positive self :)

And finally, something to, hopefully, make you smile.