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This list is out of chronological order...

January 2016:

Weight Watchers did a Success Story feature video of my story, focusing on how weight loss impacted my experience of being a mom.

July 2015:

I was featured in Health magazine's "Health Bloggers You'll Love" article as Best Weight Loss Inspiration Blog. Thank you Health mag!!

worth your click - I love it!

October 2012: I was interviewed by the Half Size Me show.

January 2013: I was featured in an ad for my gym, Healthworks Total Fitness.

March 2013: I was included in a Fitness Magazine article on Intuitive Eating and got to work with the well-known dietician Evelyn Tribole, RD.

April 2013: I was interviewed again by The Half Size Me show, this time focused on maintenance.

August 2013: I was on the cover of the San Francisco Chronicle's In Marin section.

I still have at least 20 of these in my closet. Want one?

September 2013: I was featured in a Santa Cruz Sentinel article on the Santa Cruz Triathlon.

There I am!

March 2014: I was featured in an article in Ladies' Home Journal about bloggers who are maintaining weight loss.

And appeared on both The Doctors and on Insiders as part of the feature.

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  1. Michelle,

    You have an extremely inspiring story. I liked that you changed the name to maintainer. I am still in my weight loss at 103 lbs in two years. Opening up about your tummy tuck gave me future hope as my skin has already become a problem and know it will continue to be so as I keep losing. Keep up the awesome work. You are an inspiration to weight loss bloggers.


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