Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fitbie Fame and 30 Miles on the Road

I'll try to make this brief, but I'm not making any promises.  First up is some fun news.  I'M FAMOUS! Well, not quite (thank goodness), but my blog is currently being featured on msn's fitness site,, in their 10 Weight Loss Bloggers You Should Follow article.  I received an email from them a little while back asking if I'd agree to an interview.  Me?  Of course I was totally shocked.  You'd have thought I'd won an Oscar.   Blogging is a typically thankless job which is no matter because I do it mostly for me and for the person I might motivate.  Motivating even one person would make it worth it.  But it's nice to be acknowledged and I always get that from the comments but to get it in such a public way, it's a cool little bit of recognition.  So, without further ado, here's a screenshot of me in all my famousness.

How awesome is that?  And the other nine blogs that are featured are so super cool, I am in good company to be sure.  Miguel took the picture that they used and asked how much he's going to get.  I said he could have 50% of my earnings - zero.  Being rich is overrated anyway.

So, back to our regularly scheduled program...yesterday was a day off from the gym but I had a little bug in my brain to do something fun.  Miguel went mountain biking in the morning so the afternoon while the kids were napping was up for grabs.  I rounded up a friend for an easy bike ride in the afternoon.  Perfect.  

We started out with a plan to ride to downtown and maybe have a glass of wine.  We started riding and quickly found ourselves doing a big loop around the outskirts of town before circling back to downtown.  We stopped at a Mexican restaurant and had a drink.  Lovely.  We rode home and when all was said and done it was 10 miles.  This is why I exercise.  To be able to hop on my bike and go on a little cruise around town is such a gift.  It was so fun, I saw some parts of town I didn't know existed and I had a good time chatting with my girlfriend.  While I'm getting more used to this new me Michelle, I still am surprised sometimes.  Like, my definition of fun is a 10 mile bike ride?  Hello, who am I?  Oh yes, I'm a fit, healthy woman who actually enjoys physical activity.  It wasn't one bit about exercise - I didn't even wear my heart monitor!  Or my Garmin.  Or my bike shoes.  Total. Leisure. Ride.  

In the evening Miguel and I went out on a date night while my mom watched the kids.  We had a very nice dinner in San Francisco and I ate everything.  Fried lobster appetizer, steak, potatoes au gratin, and a super yummy banana cream pie.  Other than the little bit of cucumber salad that garnished the appetizer there wasn't a vegetable in sight.  Oh, and two glasses of wine.  Yum!  We came home exhausted.  

This morning I had a 30 mile road ride on the calendar with Melissa.  The conditions for today's ride were SO much better than last week.  Sunny skies, almost no wind - perfect cycling weather.  We hit the road around 10am and had a great day riding and chatting.  The route was great, enough hills to keep things interesting, not to mention gorgeous scenery riding along the bay.  I had some soreness in my left shoulder and my left butt bone (what do you call that bone in your butt?) was hurting me for about 1/2 the ride.  I don't know what's up with that because my right side is fine.  Anyway, it only really bugged me for the middle portion of the ride.  I hope it's ok for the Cinderella ride.  Speaking of that, Melissa tells me I have to at least wear a tiara.  Here's the info from my Garmin on today's ride:

31 miles, 2 hours, 45 minutes of riding time, average 10.1 miles per hour.  I'm happy with that.  And the very good news is that at the end I felt like I could do it again.  Last week's ride left me totally wiped out but today's was much better.  And Melissa said our ride today is more what the Cinderella will be like so that's good.  Now all we need is good weather (we already agreed to bag it if it's raining).  Average temps on that date are 67 degrees so hopefully we'll be fine.  (update: no, we weren't fine but no, we didn't bag it.  Read all about it here.)

Well, that's it from me!  In a few minutes I'm heading to a friend's house for a girls night and tomorrow is a family day.  Still don't know what we're doing but I'm sure it will be fun!  Whew, I'm ready for a nap! 

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